Artefaktum LLC, a global leader in security and risk advisory, is proud to announce its partnership with the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners (ACFE) during the annual International Fraud Awareness Week. This collaboration signifies Artefaktum’s dedication to combating fraud and enhancing security across various sectors.
The week-long event, held from November 12-18, 2023, focused on educating organizations and individuals about the critical importance of fraud prevention and detection. Artefaktum’s participation in this event underscores its commitment to providing advanced solutions in intelligence reporting, fraud investigation, and risk management.
Throughout the week, Artefaktum Ltd leveraged its expertise in cybersecurity, intelligence, and risk advisory to contribute valuable insights and strategies for fraud prevention. By hosting informative sessions and sharing best practices, Artefaktum played a pivotal role in enhancing awareness and understanding of fraud risks.
As a company operating across land, sea, air, and cyber domains, Artefaktum’s involvement in this initiative aligns with its mission to deliver comprehensive security solutions. The collaboration with ACFE also highlights Artefaktum’s ongoing efforts to address critical infrastructure risks and support armed forces in their mission-critical operations.
Artefaktum’s contribution to the International Fraud Awareness Week is a testament to its leadership in security and risk management. The company continues to drive missions of consequence, offering unparalleled support to companies, sectors, and nations in their fight against fraud and other security threats.
For more information about Artefaktum LLC and its services, contact us today. Join us in our continuous effort to safeguard against fraud and enhance global security.