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Artefaktum, founded in 2017 by leading security, intelligence and law enforcement veterans, is the go-to-firm in combating computer-based, financial and corporate crimes of varied size and complexity focusing its results in bringing perpetrators to justice. If necessary, we will continue to be involved in the case until a sentence is carried out, by consulting lawyers and providing testimony in court. Law Firms are not allowed to mention any staff member who compiled a report in their legal documents for LEA or Court.

Artefaktum investigators collect all digital evidence in compliance with legal requirements and prepare required documentation for presenting evidence correctly in court having sound knowledge of the full cycle consultation support to lawyers and different enforcement agencies on every stage of investigation.


Each case is different like every investigation is different and may require a different route through the process. Our investigations are conducted by teams consisting of e-discovery and Forensic analysts, corporate security, financial audit, law specialists, and financial crime experts.


As technology reaches into nearly all areas of our lives, law enforcement officers are challenged to maintain the skills and tools needed to conduct thorough investigations. Our experts work closely with international police in combating various types of crimes — from insider fraud to large-scale computer-based scam schemes.


Our investigation team has adopted a proactive approach and works with military-grade technologies to identify groups or individuals who are assessed as being involved in ongoing criminal activity. We accelerate investigations using in-house tools for pattern analysis, network analysis, and tactical profiling.


Artefaktum Academy. Inhouse or on-premises Training

Artefaktum Academy.
Inhouse or on-premises Training

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Data Requests regarding Artefaktum Clients

Artefaktum deeply appreciates the tireless work of law enforcement officials and agencies in their quest to keep society safe. We understand that in the course of some investigations, you may have questions about Artefaktum and our customers.

We can provide access to customer data only in response to a legal instrument such as a court order. There are certain things you should know before submitting a request for customer information.

We can only respond to requests domesticated to a court of competent jurisdiction in Massachusetts, USA. If you are not an American entity you should use the resources provided by relevant Mutual Legal Assistance Treaties your country has with the United States. We can’t respond to information requests or those that originate outside of a US court. Your request can only be accepted in person on hard copy at our Home Office in Boston. We can’t accept requests via email, facsimile, or over the phone.

Tailor your requests as narrowly as possible, which is how we will always construe them. Overly broad requests will be challenged.

Absent a restraint authorized by US law, customers for whom responsive data is held will be notified and will be provided a complete copy of the request for their data. We cannot service requests in languages other than English.

All requests must include:

i) all direct contact and official information for the requesting agent, officer, or attorney, their direct supervisor, and both their field office and headquarters;

ii) a citation and explanation of the relevant matter;

iii) a description as complete as possible specifically describing the details of the customer information being requested, which must include at a minimum: the customer’s full name and email address.

We can provide data exports only on physical, non-network-connected media in person, which will be provided by us. We are unable to connect third-party hardware or software to our systems. In the event, we have not stored any personal customer but only case information, we can provide nothing more than an attestation to that fact and information on when their account was created.

We require without exception a minimum lead time of 10 business days for national and 21 business days for international requests, to process and produce information according to the request that meets the above guidelines.

For link analysis data relation maps you need to have Maltego CaseFile ™ to review our files.