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At Artefaktum we’ve helped recover hundreds of millions of dollars from asset investigation, both regional and international or on the blockchain. When funds are transferred offshore or used for investment accounts abroad, it can be challenging to recover them. This is where our expertise is leveraged to help you track down and locate assets, and analysis for high-profile litigations, arbitrations, and white-collar crime cases. For almost a decade, we’ve been driven by the pursuit of uncovering the truth,  in proving bribery, corruption, money laundering, and cyber or white-collar crimes, we strive to discover the evidence necessary to help our clients win their high-stakes disputes or identify the POI or structures behind it.

Artefaktum is supporting multi-national corporations, government agencies, regulators, and law firms locating and help recovering concealed or misappropriated assets on behalf of those clients. Through sophisticated asset tracing methods, we determine who ultimately owns and controls the assets even when they’re registered to third parties, trustees, custodians, and shell companies. Our intelligence and investigation methodology goes beyond advanced forensic accounting, financial analysis, and open-source intelligence to recover concealed assets.

helping customers prepare, defend, and sustain their enterprise and mission against cyber threats.


Our specialist whitehat penetration testing team can deliver a complete vulnerability assessment based on multiple attempts to penetrate your networks and data systems.


Artefaktum’s security consultants can conduct a full cybersecurity audit of both your on-site and remote systems, then help you chart out technological, risk, compliance and adversarial engagement plans.