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It takes role-fitting leadership to deliver audacious and creative solutions for your missions of consequence. Artefaktum was born 2017 out of a unique entrepreneurial spirit, the agility to anticipate and capitalize on emerging trends, and a relentless commitment to helping clients with missions of consequence. For high-quality results, Artefaktum’s executive team combines decades of experience in government, technology, and contracting. Each executive and each member of our staff added something unique, helping to evolve Artefaktum into the innovative, scalable, and agile organization it is today. 

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Artefaktum LLC is a privately-owned, U.S. based company, started almost 10 years ago by innovating and providing services to law enforcement and government agencies to investigate crimes, enhance public safety and provide justice to victims. Today, Artefaktum is a full service provider in security, intelligence, technology, and government combining decades of experience to support the missions of consequence of our customers in any domain of mission and location.

Dr. Thomas Lützenrath, COO

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Use discretion to select clients based on a careful, responsible examination of identity, credibility, and legality.

Every day we face new challenges, make complex and sustainable decisions through conscious behavior, and create innovative solutions.

Strive to achieve intelligence superiority and outstanding, exceptional performance in all operating missions.

Maintain ultimate discretion and confidentiality in operations while using sensitive sources and methods.

We do not tolerate any discrimination based on age, disabilities, origin, gender, political stance, religion, ideology or sexual.

We communicate in a spirit of  appreciation and always treat our counterparts fairly and respectfully.

We value collegial cooperation. The secret of our success is teamwork. Working in teams is as necessary as it is natural for us. 



The Artefaktum team does not cooperate with authoritarian countries, countries that sponsor terrorism, countries that are terrorists, POl, or persons on sanctions lists and we spend time on and deliver only the information you requested initially, you will get the result discussed before starting work. The process of research and investigation is long and involves plenty of atypical steps and based on the nature of our business environment, we never guarantee success by any means. Reports, if part of the contract, describe findings, actions, and events that Artefaktum found to be supported by the evidence collected in our investigation. In some instances, the report points out the absence of evidence or conflicts in the evidence about a particular fact or event. In other instances, when substantial, credible evidence enabled the Office to conclude with confidence, the report states that the investigation established that certain actions or events occurred. A statement that the investigation did not establish particular facts does not mean there was no evidence of those facts.