Everything we do is built on a commitment to do the right thing for our customers, our people, and our community. Our Mission, Vision, and Values guide the way we do business.

At Artefaktum, we believe that good governance enhances shareowner value and goes beyond simply complying with legal requirements. It means grounding governance practices in a culture of integrity, accountability, transparency and the highest ethical standards. Our diverse Board of Directors sets the tone at the top for the company’s embrace of this approach as illustrated in the governance documents establishing our guiding policies and practices.


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Artefaktum’s Board of Directors understands the importance of sound governance. All of Artefaktum’s standards and policies contribute to an ethical and inclusive business and workplace.   Our Corporate Governance Guidelines guide our Board’s activities and provide the structure within which our directors and management can effectively pursue Artefaktum’s business objectives. The Board also receives annual updates on ESG initiatives and information on the impact of the Artefaktum Good Foundation. 

Audit and Risk Committee
Oversees Artefaktum’s corporate accounting and financial reporting processes, monitors for enterprise risks, and provides oversight of our environmental sustainability efforts.

Compensation and Talent Committee
Reviews and determines the compensation to be paid to Artefaktum’s executive officers and directors, and provides oversight of Artefaktum’s Human Capital Management, and talent acquisition, development, and retention efforts.

Nominating and Corporate Governance Committee
Recommends corporate governance practices, periodically reviews and assesses our Corporate Governance Guidelines, and identifies and recommends candidates to serve as directors at Artefaktum.

Ethical Business Practices

Artefaktum prides itself on our commitment to ethics throughout all of our business activities. We promote stringent measures to ensure ethical behavior and decision-making to ensure we operate with honesty, integrity, and respect for others. Ethical business practices are central to Artefaktum’s mission and business success, and are critical to developing and maintaining relationships with our customers, our partners, and the communities we serve. 

Statement Against Slavery and Human Trafficking

Artefaktum is committed to corporate, social, and environmental responsibility, including to help mitigate the risk of human trafficking and slavery within our global supply chain and client base.


Environmental Impact Practices

Artefaktum is also committed to building a better planet through environmental sustainability and efficiency. As part of our environmental strategy, we are working to quantify and minimize our impact on the environment from our operations and supply chain. As part of our strategy, we also focus on building resilience to the physical risks of climate change.

Corporate Statement on Social Responsibility

Learn how Artefaktum is committed to be a socially and environmentally conscious company in its business practices, philanthropy, and cultural diversity.



Security and privacy are Artefaktum’s primary objectives. We employ a variety of tools and processes to continually analyse and improve our security practices. However, the constant evolution of threats makes it impossible for our team to stay ahead of all potential vulnerabilities. To help us keep ahead of emerging threats and vulnerabilities, we welcome arbitrary security research surrounding our Services.

Vulnerability Disclosure Policy

Learn how you may help Artefaktum to be a better service provider to fight and investigate organized crime and large scale fraud and scam cases