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Hong Kong ‘No Consent’ letters not guaranteed to freeze bank accounts

The Hong Kong Police Commissioner’s use of the ‘No Consent Regime’ to encourage three banks to freeze customer bank accounts, in circumstances where the banks had no independent suspicion of unlawful activity by bank account holders, was unlawful. The decision is relevant for a bank which receives information from the police about a customer’s account where the bank has no prior suspicions of its own: Tam Sze Leung & ors v Commissioner of Police [2021] HKCFI 3118.

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What is a Boiler Room?

Boiler room scams can be incredibly convincing and meticulously pulled off. There are reports of incidents where people have lost their life savings to a boiler room scam and were unable to recover these funds. In this guide, we explain exactly what boiler room fraud is and ten common signs of boiler room scams.

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