Uncovering Asian Romance Scams Playbook

A 63-year-old investment manager in Hong Kong lost more than HK$12 million (US$1.5 million) he inherited from his late father in a month after falling victim to an online romance scam, he transferred money into 16 designated bank accounts. The swindler, claiming to be a female cryptocurrency investment expert, developed a relationship with the man through the internet and then induced him into setting up an account on a bogus trading website to invest in digital money. During the investigation a secret script / playbook of “pig butchers” came to light. This article outlines some its content for the public.

For tactical reasons, we do not translate and publish the entire content of the document obtained, as it contains isolated references that would jeopardise or render impossible ongoing investigations. However, the fragments we publish in the following already speak for themselves.

More than 80 pages thick, "The Secret Book of Pig Killing"

Original Scammers 80 pages strong Playbook collected through an investigation

TITLE: 最新杀猪攻略 = The latest pig killing strategy

(Company secrets, strictly forbidden to pass on, the consequences at your own risk)

Chapter 1: Packaging

Chapter 2: Chat

Chapter three: fishing for big

Chapter 4: appendix (gay features: the characteristics of older women left over: thirsty male features;)

March 2019 (fourth edition)









To establish a romantic relationship with someone, you have to package yourself in a way that is acceptable to others first. Therefore, I ask every new employee to learn to package themselves first. The words to employees also set out nine specific practices including how to set their nickname, age, place of origin, image, occupation, interests and so on.

For example, the best age between 28-35 years old, too small will look childish, too old and unattractive, set a good age must also check what sign and the character of this sign, and what sign is more emotional edge, now the 80s, 90s most believe in this.

For example, when you set your place of origin, don’t set yourself as a Fujianese, others will be more alert once they see that they are Fujianese. You should know more about the local snacks, attractions, main streets, national customs, celebrities, etc., so that you don’t run into someone who is from your hometown and can’t answer the question at once.

Because now many people just chat soon will ask for video, in order to avoid frequent video, in the beginning to package themselves as traumatized people, such as a child because of strict tutoring suffered from autism, now although good, but video or something will be difficult, so that customers, especially female customers will be motherly, no longer ask for video.

In order to appear real, you have to package the past relationship experience, preferably only one relationship experience, and because the other party’s betrayal of their own hurt very deeply. In this way, on the one hand, it appears that you are honest, on the other hand, it also shows that you are heavy feelings. Many people hear that others have emotional trauma, will naturally produce a protective desire, so that you can quickly fall in love with her.

I won’t go into the rest of it, you can look at this conversation flip chart below if you are interested. Anyway, just remember that everything should be true, only if you believe that you are the one, others will believe in you and get closer to you.

The guidelines of discourse about packaging - this is still only the directory

The most important thing about packaging is that it is “real”

1: Name (real name, screen name, nickname)

Name can not be too earthy, screen names do not non-mainstream, small names naughty and cute

2: Age (constellation characteristics, blood type characteristics)

Between 28-35 years old will not be too small [childish no experience] too old (no attraction) constellation Baidu access to save.

3: place of origin (birthplace, current residence)

Not set Fujianese! Understand the taste, snacks, the most points, the main street, national customs, celebrities, etc.

4: Image (avatar, character)

Into a hot, handsome, muscular, using a full-body photo for the avatar, clear, as far as possible with a small video, can be used for other colleagues of the customer, to find out the above conditions for packaging!

5: occupation (characteristics, status quo, income)

No brick and mortar business work and life supplies, food, clothing and housing try to avoid, to avoid customers I excuse to buy you .

6: hobbies (personality traits, habits)

Certain understanding of hobbies, to avoid the appearance of your hobbies, but you do not understand to give rise to doubts.

7: Family background (members, parents occupation)

Born in the military, government officials, teachers, artists, have a good education and family education, warmly know and understand.

8: Growing up in the past “early not to reveal! (When the relationship is deeper, use to avoid meeting by video)

Because of the severe tutor early have suffered from autism and other symptoms but are 6 years ago, customers use feelings to force you to meet the video will reveal their early side, Rongto days birth mother love flooded natural will not force you again.

9: emotional experience (previous relationship experience, the concept of love, the criteria for choosing a spouse)

The probability of two people meeting and getting to know each other should be tens of millions of one, two people fall in love again, that the probability is extremely low, because you know clearly, so you are particularly cherished feelings! The previous relationship was windy for some years, but eventually abandoned because of the other party, or painful to give up, after all, feelings can not be settled!

Requirements to do: edit the character information, familiar with understanding the character information.

Edit feelings entrepreneurial upward, strange fight bumpy to success experience story

















After adding friends to communicate, communication is through chatting. One of the reasons why many older men and women can’t find an object is that they can’t chat, and I’ll tell you how to chat with the object while explaining the words below.

First, remember the following chatting tips.

The chat pavement is not in place, cut into the subject all for nothing.

The first thing you need to do is to be diligent in your conversation, and you will not get tired of communicating.

The first thing you need to do is to find a story that you can relate to, so that you don’t feel bad about it.

Secondly, remember the following chatting process.

Happy chatting to create a topic → pitching a good idea to find empathy → daily concern to build feelings → feelings warmed up completely trust.

Perhaps some people do not understand the above tips and processes, in order to avoid abetting, I simply say “three don’ts”, I hope to help people who really want to find objects.

First, do not ask: Hello, what is doing?

Because just add each other friends, emotional familiarity, etc. are not mature, once you ask this sentence, the answer must be what I’m doing, it is easy to talk to death. But if you look at each other’s circle of friends, ask from the side: see your circle of friends and who is eating XX, seems very good, where to eat ah? I see your circle of friends in the tour, seems to be quite interesting. The other angle, definitely not to chat the day to death, and will not seem so rigid dead plate.

Second, do not always “you ask me to answer”

You must avoid the form of you ask me to answer, so that when the fat pig asked all the questions, the chat is basically over, and at this time the two people’s feelings can not be established. Therefore, when the fat pig asks a question, to answer after the rhetorical questions in the past, so that she can feel that you are also concerned about her, want to understand her. And remember to talk about slut from time to time, because those who look very orthodox, often in front of strangers willing to reveal their hearts and say some real life dare not say slutty, foul language. When she is willing to talk to you about foul language, it proves that trust has basically been established.

Third: Never finish the conversation at once

The chat should not only make the fat pig happy, but also make the fat pig still want to talk to you the next day. So after talking for ten or so minutes every day, be careful to find an excuse to close. For example: honey, I have something to do, let’s talk tomorrow night. In this way, it will give the other party an expectation. Together with your daily unfailing care, call a few words husband, wife, the relationship is established.




“Cut in” = Go get him pay

After talking about feelings, we must slowly cut into the topic of online gambling, ready to catch the big fish, kill the fat pig.

Remember to capture the psychology of the customer, the following chart is our five principles to capture the psychology of the customer:

Grasp the psychology of the customer. 

Mention the difficulties and pressures that customers have to face in their lives 

Mention that opportunities are to be grasped and ask if he misses them (Cherish)

Encourage the client to have the ability to change his mindset of resignation (motivation)

Evoke what the client wants in his heart, the goal to catch the mindset of struggle (motivation)

Perfectly create a dream, let the customer fantasise about living a good life in the dream (Enjoyment)


How do you get the fat pig to stress out in the first place? It depends on what dilemma she is facing now and how easily she can solve this dilemma herself. For example, if the fat pig has a mortgage, then we will generally say you can earn this mortgage by doing my side business every month, for example, we can say that the monthly mortgage is earned on my side business; if the fat pig cares a lot about children, we can say that we can make more money while we are young to leave our children for education fund; if the fat pig is good at enjoying life, we can say that the money I earn can basically meet the daily expenses and also buy some luxury goods, etc. In short, use all means to make her feel that doing this side business is very easy, very profitable and very capable of solving the difficulties she faces.

Note from Artefaktum Team:
This next picture below is the description of the way to cut in the discourse, we estimate that many victims of the kill tray have basically experienced these routines of my peers.

Three – cut way

1 – I am earning extra money
(idle and does not interfere with normal chat)

2 – I’m watching the trend chart
(Prepare to do planning microsoft money)

3 – I’m waiting for friends to make money
(while waiting for him to do planning a little WeChat money)

4. I am ready to teach a relative or friend to make extra money
(always let teach her to make money, cooking for me to eat every day to please me)

5. I was just placing a bet
(After the heat reaches pause a minute after saying)

6. profit screenshots

1 – send two luxury bags or jewelry pictures to the Yung people let guests help choose a hint

Guests own recent side business earnings a very substantial To buy gifts for family members pro wei.

2. choose two tourist attractions to go to and let the guest help choose one implying that the guest has recently made a substantial profit from his side business.

The guest has recently made a considerable amount of profit and wants to treat himself

3. send a fine restaurant dining comments comments expensive and very difficult to eat Fortunately, the recent side business income is stable

Otherwise, it would be a waste

You can ask the guests what they usually do when they are bored, and after the Yung people answer is generally will ask you in turn what you have to do

You will have an opportunity to cut in, you can say: travel, travel street, listening to songs, playing mahjong, WeChat money, etc.



After the above packaging, chat, cut into, if someone asks “how much to invest at least”, “how to play”, “how to take out the money earned”, or ask to see the company information, see When our profit record, that means the pig has moved. This time you can first let the fat pig try to bet on the platform, because the lottery results are controllable, so generally let the fat pig first win or lose a few times, eventually win a few, and use words to constantly stimulate, so that she feels that she is a genius, can make so much money in a short period of time, and then the person’s gambling nature to stimulate out.



1、 今天带你进这个平台只是开始哦!你充的钱只是让你熟悉一下平台啦!让你知道怎么上下分,还有怎么投注,你也看的到我投的都是你的10倍。我是因为爱你想陪你才来普通房陪你熟悉,我平时都在贵宾厅。不过为了你我都愿意啦,哪怕和你一起逛菜市场。







Catching the big one

As long as the gambling nature of the person is stimulated, so that people think that gambling is a good way to get rich in the world, then it is the same as this pig tied itself up. As soon as you give a command, she will meekly raise her head and be willingly killed by you. I can demystify for you a few of our common phrases.

1, today take you into this platform is just the beginning oh! The money you charged just let you get familiar with the platform! The actual fact is that you will be able to find out how to get up and down, and how to bet, and you will also see that I voted 10 times as much as you did. I love you because I want to accompany you to the ordinary room to accompany you familiar, I usually in the VIP room. The actual fact is that you will be able to get a lot more than just a few of the most popular and most popular items in the market.

2, really want to invest with me to earn the money of the platform, at least 1000 yuan of principal, I can give you planning ah. Although I have not done a few thousand planning for a long time, your appearance reminds me of my initial self, I also started from a few thousand, but as long as you dare to invest, wealth naturally accumulated.

3, how about it honey? Is this down to tired? You see if you invest 10,000 at night then it is not to earn 1000 la? This is the importance of the principal. I invested 100,000 are almost earn 10,000 cack, tomorrow you can mobilize how much money? 10,000 is no problem, right? I believe that tomorrow you can earn at least 1000 yuan, so almost catch up with you on a week of work.

4, my dear, I heard the inside news, we mastered the platform vulnerability may be filled in a few days, I decided to invest 500,000 bo a two days, for our future, our children. I suggest you and I work side by side, is that okay? Can you throw in 100,000 dollars?

5, honey, although we now also earn tens of thousands, but think about the future we have to buy a house, pay the mortgage, but also to raise children, support both parents, we play a big one, why do we go to the loan, how much can be loaned is how much, anyway, put in a few days can be doubled, when the loan is paid back we wash our hands off, immediately married to go!

The actual fact is that you can find a lot of people who have been in love with the internet gambling and have no discernment, not only will they put all of their savings into it, some will also overdraw all of their credit to get a loan, and once the fat pig is no longer betting, there is no more use, we will just pull him, not even a goodbye.

For her, we may be her lover, while for us, they are just a pig, the object of our blood-sucking. In Southeast Asia, like me engaged in online gambling, kill the pig plate manipulator at least a few thousand, and the practitioners have to have 500,000, according to the minimum survival standard of at least 100 yuan per day to calculate, we have to cheat at least 50 million per day to be able to maintain the basic life, and in fact, plus wages, other expenses, this value will be more than 10 times.


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