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The footage below is from July 7, 1941. The slogans at a demonstration in New York read “Arm Britain and Prolong the War“, “Hitler has not attacked us, why attack Hitler?”, “Why not peace with Hitler?” Hopefully, in 5 or 20 or 80 years we don’t look back at 2023 with the same shock and disbelief that we feel looking at this footage from 1941.

A recent US survey shows some decrease in support for sending arms to Ukraine. Politicians and media commentators come out with statements similar to those 1941 slogans. Some of it is probably fatigue, but some of it is a result of support for Ukraine being politicized. It’s unfortunate as there is nothing partisan about it, and it plays straight into russian strategy of dividing and conquering: keep US and other countries from supporting Ukraine and russia wins.

Russia is using all levels of propaganda to achieve it. Many parallels with Nazi propaganda in 1938. The key goal is not only to obfuscate reality, but make people accept at a minimum a “negotiated peace” where russia takes some territories and kills or subjugates people living there.

This is not a “regional conflict”. The Russian invasion can only be compared to Hitler’s dare to the world before and during World War II. Russia today is a threat to global security, and Ukraine is standing between russia’s ambition of global domination and peace and security for everyone.

US military budget has been set for decades to enable the US to face this russian threat (yes, it is a direct threat to the US), and the US has used 3% of its military budget to support Ukraine without a single US boot on Ukrainian soil. Ukrainians with this support destroyed 50% of russian conventional forces, tied 97% of russian army and can put an end to this threat. Ukrainians are willing to die to defeat the evil, but they need the means to do it. The US support is not charity. The US is using its military budget for its stated purpose – to protect security of the United States.

Unfortunately, the US has not been given a choice between War and Peace. The War has been imposed on the US and the world by a regime comparable only to Hitler’s. And the threat to the US is not going away, no matter how much some politicians and commentators try to convince us. If the russian fascist regime is not defeated in Ukraine, it will keep going for more. The cost and threat to the US will only increase.

The full-scale war in Ukraine is a direct challenge by a totalitarian regime to basic human values and every aspect of international security: russia wants to show that it can take what it wants, can kill, torture and rape civilians and dares everyone else by holding a nuclear gun to the world’s head.

Our generation is facing the challenge faced by the Great Generation of the 1930-ies and 40-ies. Let’s stand up to this challenge and make sure that our children and grandchildren look back at our generation with pride and not with shock, shame and disbelief.

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