Recruitment Fraud Warning

What is Recruitmen Fraud?

Recruitment fraud is a growing trend where fraudsters have been known to attempt to use our name to trick job seekers with fake employment opportunities. This type of scam is typically carried out through fake job postings, fake websites, or email accounts claiming to be from Artefaktum. 

The intent of recruitment fraud is to gain access to your personal information, such as your banking information, credit card number, or social security number.

Please be aware that our careers site can be found at and our corporate site can be found at artefaktum job listings.

During the Artefaktum hiring process, we will never:

  • Request you apply for a position via a non-Artefaktum site.
  • Ask you for money for equipment or a background investigation. In the event that you are required to travel for an interview, please discuss the travel expense reimbursement process with your recruiter.
  • Offer to send you a check or payment before doing any work.
  • Request your social security number before you’ve accepted an offer. In some instances, we are required to validate U.S. Government Security Clearance status. In this case, a recruiter will contact you directly to obtain your personally identifiable information prior to an offer.
  • Email you from “free-mail” providers (like Gmail).
  • Send a job offer without a formal interview first.

If you have been contacted by anyone representing themselves as Artefaktum and are concerned about their legitimacy, please immediately contact Artefaktum.

If you believe you have been scammed, report your claim to and call your non-emergency local police department to report a fraud/scam.

Artefaktum assumes no liability for recruitment fraud. We advise that all job seekers take steps to educate themselves on fraudulent practices so they do not become victims of scams. Learn more via the Federal Trade Commission.