Don’t fall for fake website or emails posing as Artefaktum

What happened

Artefaktum LLC has been informed that it has being impersonated by a fraudulent website and Emails has been received ith gmail.com, seznam.cz, protonmail.com and gmx.com endings claiming to be from Artefaktum staff or associates. The site itself has been downed and a criminal complaint has been issued. Purporting to be Artefaktum, the scammer syndicate behind this scam is taking payments via cryptocurrency. However, instead of delivering and of our services, intelligence, investigative or asset recovery services in return, they are simply stealing the funds.


In reality, cryptocurrency is not a payment method Artefaktum would ever offer or accept.

Neither associated not working for ARTEFAKTUM

However, Artefaktum can confirm that we do not employ any of these individuals named on that website or used by the scammers for emails or WhatsApp. They are cyber criminals impersonating Artefaktum to steal money from victims.

We do not use any thrid party domains like mentioned above for sending emails to clients or partners and all emails from artefaktum contain a digital signature.

If you are approached by one of the above contacts, do not reply. Instead, please let us know if you are being targeted as soon as possible so that we can take action against the fraudsters.

Don`t fall for fraudsters

Emails and text messages let us share information with anyone in the world in seconds. But this comes at a price, cybercriminals can reach you just as easily. They try to steal your information via phishing emails, smishing (SMS, text messages), or vishing (phone calls). With seemingly legitimate messages they will ask you to share information, click on a link or open an attachment. Don’t click on things but report them to to us!

As a rule, Artefaktum or any associate or representative never contacts its clients by phone, email or SMS to ask them to log in or reveal their access, and account details. We don’t send emails with bit.ly or owl.ly links to login pages such as MyArtefaktum and will never ask you for your contract number or PIN.

Be alert to any unexpected email, phone call or SMS that claims to be from a bank, credit card,  online company OR ARTEFAKTUM with whom you have an account. Never divulge confidential information to anyone if you are unsure of the sender/caller, or the reason for the request. 


Before parting with any money, you need to double check the website’s URL, which can be found in your address bar. If it is not an exact match for artefaktum.net, then you should exit it immediately.

You should always ask for a video call, as Artefaktum has a strict policy in place to meet its clients face-to-face in person or on a Zoom or Teams call.  Most scammers will never meet on a video call.


Phishing emails and smishing messages are often designed to generate curiosity, incite fear or a sense of urgency in order to get you to click a link or open an attachment. Sometimes it can be difficult to spot a genuine email or SMS from a fraudulent one. Watch out for an unusual sender address, spelling mistakes and strange elements such as the tone, disclaimers and logos. If in doubt, do not click on any links or open any attachments. Delete any such messages and be sure to empty the bin of the relevant program. Consider the use of spam filters to block out such emails in the future.

For better protection, make sure to keep all your software and apps up-to-date, including your antivirus software. Consider the use of spam filters and “anti-phishing software to help screen out potential phishing websites and emails. When downloading software use only official app stores, which are least likely to host malicious software.

It’s important to regularly back up important files, like family photos and financial records, to a secure cloud or encrypted external hard drive, as strong backup practices can keep your files safe from both viruses and cybercriminals.

A secure website will start with https:// in front of the address. Bookmark any websites you frequently use to your favorites. Never input any confidential data into web forms if you are uncertain about the legitimacy of the site.

If the bank details for a payment are sent to you in an email or SMS, always check them with the recipient. To do so, call the recipient on a known documented number (that is not listed in the email or SMS itself) to verify the details.


Have you already fallen victim to this online scam?
Please contact Artefaktum’s head office at 617 861 9250 ory64776y64776 now.

As a global leader in fraud investigation, our experienced experts are ready to crack down on criminals around the world – and this illegitimate website is no exception.

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