Personal security in Telegram investigations

Investigations can be risky in times. Especially when you dig into rabbit-holes of organised crime. Toady we want to "teach" readers in how to protect themselves while researching on Telegram

Let’s talk about your personal security measures when conducting investigations in Telegram. They will be useful to you in other online services, too.

a) create a new account and set a ban on searching for a user by his mobile phone number in the menu: Settings> Privacy> Phone number

b) set a password to enter the messenger and two-factor identification in the menu: Settings> Privacy> Security

c) set a ban on viewing your last activity, profile photo, as well as forwarding your messages, invitations to groups and calls to your account in the menu: Settings> Privacy

d) install on your phone and constantly use a quality VPN service

e) do not follow external links and do not download files from unverified sources.

f) turn off geolocation on your smartphone and do not use Telegram features such as “geochat” and “people nearby”

g) for chat administrators, set the ability to write on behalf of the community in the menu: Chat settings > Administrators > Anonymity

h) use “secret” chats for confidential communication

i) regularly clear the history of correspondence, use auto-delete of messages

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