Outsourcing - Legal BPO Services

We are a diverse team of talented, like-minded professionals who come together with one common goal: to improve the efficiency of global investigation and legal support services.

In an increasingly volatile world, our understanding of the different legal and political landscapes in which our clients operate drives our approach to offer investigation and intelligence services as outsourcing partners of choice for Law Office, In-House-Legal and other clients. We handle high-stakes, complex cases for some of the world’s most recognizable companies. 

The Internet is the world’s largest database. We offer the technology and knowhow to help you find the information you need amongst trillions of available documents with our OSINT Technology. We collect and analyse information from online sources. We can help you collect better data for improved analysis, intelligence and insights.

Fast, reliable and succesful.

Artefaktum pursues all avenues of international research and investigation and advises clients on methods most appropriate to achieving their commercial objectives and the specifics of a matter. At the heart of our approach is a focus on delivering useful and actionable results quickly and effectively within time and budget frames to our clients as possible.

Your case and collected data are safe in your own Dataroom! All your data will be encrypted and transferred into two datacenters; SWISS FORT KNOX I & II in the Swiss Alps. Your data will be stored in the two of the safest places in Europe, the perfect protection against cryptomalware, natural disasters, fraud, vandalism, fire or any other known threat.

Artefaktum is a trusted, global provider of award-winning investigations, eDiscovery, business, and research support solutions to leading law firms, corporate legal departments, financial institutions, and professional services firms. All our staff is either security vetted to NPPV3 and SC clearance levels or it is underway. The NPPV3 level also gives our staff access to some police assets and sites that enable us to offer even greater levels of support to our customers.

All our services are provided based on our Standard Terms & Conditions only