Artefaktum is supporting law enforcement agencies with case management and investigation and integrating technical investigative tools and technologies.

Artefaktum provides investigation support of cybercrime or large scale international fraud cases, critical technology integration and mission support services to protect and advance Public security priorities and to enable law enforcement collaborate with other government agencies and partner nations for collection and dissemination intelligence and case related information.

General Investigation support 

Artefaktum provides criminal investigative support to domestic and foreign law enforcement agencies, tracing and locating fugitives wanted for prosecution or to serve sentences and case-related collection of relevant data from dozens of open sources, social media, and surface, deep and dark web.


Artefaktum helps identifying, UBO, illicit actors and the Puppet masters behind the scene. Artefaktum supports with evidence collection out of reach of Law Enforcement from jurisdiction beyond the national borders of an investigations

Crypto and Digital Assets Investigation

Investigation into hacks, frauds, scams and market manipulation by identifying, locating and tracing funds on the blockchain, through mixers and across chains.

Financial Investigation Units support

Artefaktum provides actionable evidence  and multinational information & data collection and (asset tracing/sanctions enforcement/crypto) crime investigators with the correct services and tools for the job. We help fighting money launderers, terrorist financiers and sanctions evaders through blockchain cutting-edge intelligence.

HighTech Crime Support

Artefaktum provides BitLocker-decryption, grey-boxing, forensic and eDiscovery services, Dark- and DeepWeb research and life data extraction from iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, BadaOS and FeaturePhones. Additionally Artefaktum acquires SIM Cards and device media.

Visual Research

Artefaktum offers analysis of data of the surroundings collected from a camera or pictures found on confiscated hardware or face recognition, number plate recognition, augmented and mixed realities, location determination, and identifying objects.

Security Breach Consulting & IRT

Artefaktum will assist investigations of security incidents, cyber breaches, identify thefts, ransom or blackmailing or revenge porn. Our cyber security breach incident response team is available 24/7 to assist you.

Joint Prevention Campaigns

Artefaktum provides  ransomware preparedness assessment workshops for public bodies agencies, cities, and hospitals to identify the cyber kill chain;  remote access configuration, phishing prevention, email and web protections, access controls and endpoint monitoring and end user awareness 

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