Our intelligence experts integrate talent, technology and services to protect national or corporate interests, supporting your missions.

National and Corporate security depend on staying ahead and beING aware of threatS and understandING the environment. Artefaktum`s intelligence experts are available worldwide to help you face the challenges of tomorrow, investigating on demand OR support your organisation with military grade OSINT and information collection. Artefaktum spent YEARS embedded within the iC and corporate security and are engaged daily to help clients achieve mission of consequence success. 

Multi-disciplinary advisory

Our Strategy Service creates pathways for finding, and understanding  patterns, spot anomalies, and move toward predictive capabilities. 


Delivery of OSINT services for intelligence customers to look into details, make sense of what’s happening, assess what’s at risk and coordinate a response, faster than ever or support military intelligence across air, land, and sea domains.

Closed IT Systems

Artefaktum provides classified analyses and studies support to help enhance its customers’ mission. We recognise our customers’ need to continually improve and modernise existing systems for highest efficient processing and robust service delivery.

Predictive Intelligence

Knowing what adversaries or competitors are doing is helpful; predicting their next move is a game-changer. 

Technology Scouting

Intelligence clients often have a vision and a necessity of innovation. Then there’s the practical side: How do we get this done to achieve the vision? They don’t have the time to figure it out. Artefaktum experts know the mission side and also understand the external world, helping clients choose the best suitable technology or development partner

Fusion Support

Organisations maintain their data and knowledge in silos. This reduces each stakeholder to a fragmented look at the intelligence picture rather than a holistic view. Artefaktum provides strategy and advanced concept development to break down but connect those silos. 

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