NO case is too small or too big
any fraud is a financial crime

We investigate your case with the same professionalism, as we would for complex cases.
With our evidence files you will have advances chance that your lawyer will file success full a criminal complaint

Monitor, detect and investigate
fraud, financial and cyber crime

We investigate with advanced analytics and research tools
to help fight fraud, money laundering, and financial crime.


Our service lines define our core specialisms as investigators and Fraud Examiners and AML practitioners, each one supported by deep and long-term industry knowledge and fresh insights into the way personal and business could work in tomorrow’s world.

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Dealing efficiently and effectively with even the smallest investigations using heavyweight specialist investigators, who add experience and strategic value to any case, is an everyday aspect of our daily business.

We investigate fraud cases, unusual threats, or suspected corporate wrongdoing. 
Our investigation and advisory support to individuals is second to none, and we are the place-to-go for victims and their lawyers, helping to uncover the details needed for global successful criminal proceedings.

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Contacting Artefaktum means, calling on a team of experts from across the firm. Our cross-border team work together frequently to a common standard and to deliver results our clients need. 

Our Team of expert investigators speaks:


Cross-Border – Multilingual. No Problem. We are ready

All our staff are either security vetted to NPPV3 and SC clearance levels or it is under way. Vetting is intended to assure the government bodies that we work with that the individual has not been involved in, or is a member of an organization which has engaged in unlawful activities. The NPPV3 level also gives our staff access to some police assets and sites that enable us to offer even greater levels of support to our customers.

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