Trying to locate someone  on your own can be very  stressful.
we do whatever it takes to find the person you seek.

We are here to help you.

Clients turn to Artefaktum for many reasons and ask us to help to clarify the whereabouts or observe a person of interest.


Dealing with delicate matters.Discreet and Fast

Hundreds of thousands of people go missing each year, some because they run away with stolen money or debts, some of their own personal decision, others due to abductions or other unlucky events. No matter the cause of the disappearance can weigh heavily on the mind of those that are after their money or just left behind. In other instances, friends and family can be separated for various reasons such as death, adoption, war, marriage, job promotion, travel, and illness.

Such separations can leave you feeling fretful and unsettled. Whether your reasons for wanting to find someone are personal, medical, or financial there is help out there

We use a wide range of highly effective people tracing methods and how the law applies to the cases we take on and use this in determining the level of evidence we gather.

Common assignments include finding:

  • A litigant in a case
  • An absent company director
  • A fraudster
  • A witness for a case
  • Debtors (who don’t want to be found)
  • Someone against which to serve documents
  • Missing heirs
  • Nearest Relatives

There are many other reasons why clients ask us to help. Being experts in large scale international fraud investigation cases we have the experience, equipment and the right staff at hand. This is especially important because so many cases deal with sensitive issues and can have a life-changing impact. We are skilled problem solvers who are persistent, trustworthy.

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