Artefaktum provides technology and services for mission support, to modernize systems, and help with complex change processes

Artefaktum is readiness partner of choice for defece customers around the world. readiness is a term that communicates the ability to quantify force preparedness for mission success. A key component to gauging readiness is the ability to measure success accurately and efficiently.  Artefaktum thinking isn’t just about aesthetics or delivering a beautiful product. It’s about the approach to finding a solution, working with the customer to understand their needs—engaging with not only what’s required, but what’s possible.

24/7 Advisory

Artefaktum provides security services , globally, around the clock, with any issues with security responds teams. We help our government and defence customers more efficient operational and perimeter security,  and disposal, and provide cyber advisory.

Target and impact analyses (DE=ZuWA)

Artefaktum experts are developing and designing TIA on demand / ad-hoc / 24/7 over the full spectrum of the domain of interest and landscapes or given situations, and provides classified analyses and studies support to help enhance its customers’ mission.

Snippets Research

Artefaktum experts are helping defence clients (re-)searching, collecting and connecting smallest pieces of small and overseen but relevant information snippets on social media, deep and dark web for a better situation awareness and altering system.

Open Source Intelligence

Artefaktum experts track, collect and synthesize all digital and open-source footprints related to the target, topics, or persons under investigation or surveillance.

Geo-strategic and geo-economic risk consulting

Today‘s geo-strategic and geo-economic environment is challenging and complex. Geopolitical tectonic shift, a war on Europes` soil, security concern, technological innovation, revolutionary political changes and uncertainty are questioning traditional early warning capabilities. Artefaktum helps defence sector clients master and stay updated about these challenges.

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