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Headlines regularly appear about business intelligence, industrial espionage, and information theft indicating that the adequate protection of proprietary information has long become a problem worldwide. 

There are many reasons and motives why people have the desire to spy on each other, and in many cases, it is difficult to assess how many industries and individuals are routinely victims of illegal and unwanted surveillance. 

Evidence of illegal surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, to alert the perpetrator. Many companies are unaware that industrial spying has affected their business. Artefaktum is the partner-to-go to detect and counteract competitor or state-driven espionage. 

Our services are designed to detect, destroy, neutralize, exploit, or prevent human, digital or electronic espionage activities through identification, penetration, manipulation, and deception of espionage activities.


Companies hold off-site meetings at hotel conferences or business centers, Law firms conduct sensitive, large-scale litigation at locations away from their headquarters. They often book whole floors of a hotel. Our  TSCM security survey is non-intrusive, non-destructive, and very low-key. It is conducted at your convenience, expeditiously.


Detection of threats to the business and hostile actions against the organization involving, intentionally or unintentionally, both staff and any other personnel linked to its operations.


Our risk assessment will give you greater awareness of the challenges that face your organization, whether it is the threat from competitors, insiders, or emerging technologies, and determine the relative importance of each of these risks.

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The Deep & Dark Web harbours a massive source of data content and communication that often goes undetected and untraced. Digmiune monitors and safeguards your personal information on these platforms.

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