Citizen security

Artefaktum, as a values-driven company, makes a difference for communities where we live and work. We make them safer

Our clients call upon us to work on their hardest life experiences being defrauded by conmen, feeling insecure or do have special safety requirements. Whether ensuring citizen safety, security, and well-being or ensuring  competitiveness, we work shoulder-to-shoulder with clients to help them or their lawyers by investigating their cases and prepare with an analysis report for criminal complaints deliver on their public service missions.

International Fraud investigation

Artefaktum experts follow the path of the scammer and help you build a case for civil or criminal law and bring a strong finish to your case. While no one wants to admit they were a victim of a scam, our investigation specialists will help you in confidence and work discreetly in your favor. We use state-of-the-art technology to help bring the individual(s) to justice by working with law enforcement globally.


Asset tracing and crypto investigations

Artefaktum, as a leader in crypto and fraud investigation of large and complex cases, utilises state of the art forensic tools and resources to track the movement of cryptocurrency funds and by offering blockchain forensics techniques, we can assess each situation to help identify the entry and exit points of cryptocurrency transactions. We follow the trail of illicit funds and uncover the structure or person behind the fraud or theft.

Digitalisation and modernisation

New technical capabilities on their own won’t solve hard problems. With continuous pressure to modernise and accelerate innovation, public organisations face the challenge of purposeful transformation.  In this dynamic technology landscape, Artefaktum is a digital transformation partner that understands your requirements, technology environment, operating structure, and adoption readiness to address modernisation with purpose.

Global PI Services

Artefaktum professional investigators understand that many individuals and businesses are globalised. This opens up doors to fraud, espionage, and even identity attacks/theft. We have the technological know-how, expertise in the investigation field, and equipment and contacts needed to launch your international case and see it through completion. We are fully licensed, efficient, ethical, professional in our acquisition of information for every one of our clients. Our dedication to quality and service, along with experience and knowledge, separates us from the others.

Forensics and ediscovery

As part of Artefaktums` computer forensic and e-discovery services, Artefaktum experts retrieve, preserve, catalogue, and analyse electronic data stored on computer hard drives, servers, e-mail systems, phone systems, cell phones, tablets and even personal entertainment systems such as iPods. Artefaktum assist customers in a wide range of matters including financial investigations, employee terminations, litigation support and regulatory proceedings.

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