ARTEFAKTUM RISK TEAM HELPS YOU TO Know critical information first,
respond with confidence and manage crises more effectively

Increasingly unpredictable risk landscapes are threatening organizations at a greater velocity than ever before. As a result, business leaders are responding to potential disruptions with a renewed focus on strengthening business resilience. Artefaktum Risk Experts advises clients on suitable Risk Management and help customers to detect the earliest signals of high-impact events and emerging risks.

24/7 Security support

Artefaktum provides operational and cyber security , globally, around the clock, with any issues with security responds teams. Evidence of illegal surveillance is often suppressed to avoid publicity or, in some cases, to alert the perpetrator. Many companies are unaware that industrial spying has affected their business. Artefaktum is the partner-to-go to detect and counteract competitor or state-driven espionage.

Fraud Detection and prevention

At Artefaktum, our experience helping multiple customers addressing their fraud, waste and abuse concerns with a comprehensive approach which is critical to success. Together with customers, Artefaktum identifies, reacts to, and stops attempts or investigates at fraud, waste and abuse. We enforce policy and possess the agility to readily adjust to changing environments.


First responders’ lives rely on anytime, anywhere, immediate access to the information they need to effectively respond to emergencies of all kinds. Artefaktum is a leader in the provision and integration of leading edge, complex, mission-enabling safety systems and solutions that help first responders and critical decision makers communicate and collaborate safely and securely.

Background Check / Due Dilligence

Artefaktum offers identity  and company verification in over 110 countries. We have dedicated partners in several countries that match our aim and purpose to navigate local laws and sources. We don’t just offer accurate results, but make sure they are delivered in the shortest possible timeframe.

Forensics and investigations

As part of Artefaktums` computer forensic and e-discovery services, Artefaktum experts retrieve, preserve, catalogue, and analyse electronic data stored on computer hard drives, servers, e-mail systems, phone systems, cell phones, tablets and even personal entertainment systems such as iPods. Artefaktum assist customers in a wide range of matters including financial investigations, employee terminations, litigation support and regulatory proceedings.

Geo-strategic and geo-economic risk consulting

Today‘s geo-strategic and geo-economic environment is challenging and complex. Geopolitical tectonic shift, a war on Europes` soil, supply chain security concern, technological innovation, revolutionary political changes and uncertainty in the economic and financial sector are questioning traditional solutions. Artefaktum helps public and private sector clients master these challenges.


Delivery of OSINT services for defence customers to look into details, make sense of what’s happening, assess what’s at risk and coordinate a response, faster than ever or support military intelligence across air, land, and sea domains.

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