Many businesses recognise the importance of not only KYC but also Know your staff and business partner


Background screening is an essential tool in the collection and analysis of information. Our service provides a valuable means through which profiles may be compiled for not only applicants but any company or individual providing critical information. 

Your company’s brand is represented by your high-profile employees when it comes to clients, media, shareholders, and other personnel. These employees also enjoy access to the most sensitive personnel data, financial records, and growth or expansion plans for the future. Thorough background screening is vital with such high visibility.

SCale to fit

Artefaktum offers identity verification in over 110 countries. We have dedicated partners in several countries that match our aim and purpose to navigate local laws and sources. We don’t just offer accurate results, but make sure they are delivered in the shortest possible timeframe.

The main purpose of identity checks is to determine whether the candidate is being completely honest with you and on their resume. You may want to reconsider your hiring decision if they are not. We focus on doing what is right (and compliant) for your company, shareholders, customers, vendors, employees, and other stakeholders.


You can count on for accurate, comprehensive, and quality information. From our knowledgeable experts and infrastructure to our technology, proven processes, and integrity – quality assurance is built into all we do.


The depth of executive intelligence checks conducted by Artefaktum is more than checking boxes and a questionnaire on a simple form. We are professional investigators with experience. We understand that background screening for executive position candidates is different from regular background checks. You need to conduct a thorough background check to mitigate the risk of hiring the wrong person.

360° VIEW

Where executive hires are concerned, it is not enough to dip into their criminal background or financial history. You need to know their strength of character, integrity, and personal viewpoints. All this can be revealed through an exhaustive and systematic background screening. For instance, the first level of background screening is usually identity and information verification.

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