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Today’s economic, political, and security landscapes are constantly evolving. Staying ahead requires more than cutting-edge technology. It requires flexibility in problem-solving, innovative new thinking, advanced research and development to deliver improved services and tools. 


Next to support Law Enforcement by conducting high-impact criminal investigations to disrupt and defeat cyber criminals, Artefaktum experts provide knowledge transfer.

Our experts stand ready to assist as a nations military service undertakes new missions adopting new technologies meeting acquisition and budget challenges and meeting military intelligence needs.

Artefaktum experts advices government agencies and corporate C-Level to make the right decisions when it matters most to protect national security, supporting some of today’s most critical missions. We are also provide reliable and accurate OSINT services and training solutions to governments and corporations around the globe. 

Artefaktum provides operational and cyber security , globally, around the clock, with any issues with security responds teams. 

Not only the escalation of state-sponsored cyber warfare like in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, but also black swan events,  natural disaster, disruptions such as a blackout can be catalyst for a series of failures that can disrupt services  of our daily lives—banking, communications, traffic, life-saving medical equipment, and even the Internet—offline.  Artefaktum helps building situational awareness and navigate complex critical infrastructure protection of information and availability from external threats

We protect the ordinary well-being by providing extraordinary services.

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